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A little history...

My name is Denise, I’m the mother of four, former full-time caregiver to my dear Mum (she passed away in August 2016 due to complications from end-stage dementia), and the creator/curator of Veggiewitch Cream Deodorant & Natural Products. I’ve been crafting my own cream deodorant since 2010 after being fed up with toxic, conventional options, and natural alternatives that were less than effective. With each batch, my friends and family were happy to act as test subjects and provide valuable feedback, helping me reach the formula I am proud to share today. I have been selling my organic and non-GMO Veggiewitch Cream Deodorant online, via social media, and at craft shows since 2010, and have been in a selection of fine, retail locations in Calgary and abroad since 2014. Veggiewitch continues to grow as a brand with each day, and I have all of YOU to thank for that. Thank you, ALL of you!

I'm always happy to arrange for bulk orders! 

Email me at denise AT veggiewitch DOT com to set something up.