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What makes Veggiewitch Deo different from other natural, cream deodorant options?

  • I craft my product to have a creamy consistency, and it goes on soft and smooth;
  • I use organic, aluminum-free ingredients to ensure the highest quality results;
  • I prefer to purchase my supplies from as many local and near-to-me sources as possible, in an effort to limit my own global footprint.

How much Veggiewitch Deo should I be using?

  • I generally recommend a dime-sized amount for each armpit, but you can absolutely use as much as you feel is necessary. Some people use more and some people use less, it just depends on who it is and how much is needed. I really don't believe a deodorant should be treated like it's a precious commodity to be used sparingly. This is your deodorant, by all means don't feel you have to treat it like it's precious gold. Use as much as you need to!

How long does a jar of Veggiewitch Deo last?

My mister likes to use a lot, and he puts it on his feet (thank goodness!), so a 60ml jar lasts him 1-week, but I have loyal customers who say theirs 60ml jars last 3-months or more. The following are approximations that don't leave me feeling like I'm making any grandiose claims. :D


  • A 15ml/0.5oz sample jar will last 1-week, more or less depending on how much a person uses;
  • A 60ml/2oz jar will last 4-weeks, more or less depending on how much a person uses;
  • A 120ml/4oz jar will last 8-weeks, more or less depending on how much a person uses;
  • A 240ml/4oz jar will last 12-weeks, more or less depending on how much a person uses;
  • Each jar has a 12-month shelf life, and bears a sticker to the bottom-left of the main label stating its "pack date" for your reference.


Are the jars recyclable?

  • The 60ml/2oz, glass jars are clear jars, and can be re-used or recycled;
  • The 120ml/4oz, glass jars can also be re-used or recycled;
  • The 240ml/8oz tubs are plastic and can be recycled or repurposed.


We invite our customers to repurpose their jars in some creative way, or recycle them, as our facility is not set up to wash, sanitise, and reuse them.

Why are Veggiewitch Cream Deodorants lightly scented?

  • I believe in subtlety and disagree with deodorant replacing perfume, or overpowering ones ability to wear another scent. Deodorant is intended to help avoid body odour smells, and Veggiewitch endeavours to do that. A lighter scent also ensures that Veggiewitch Deodorant will be suitable for people young and old with sensitive skin.


Will the VW Deo still work if it melts?

  • Yes, your deodorant will still work, although melting will result in a reduction of volume, as VW Deo is an emulsified blend. In the event your deo happens to melt in the heat of Summer, the warmth of your bathroom, or having been accidentally forgotten in your car, simply pop it in the fridge to resolidify and use as normal.


Can I add my own essential oils to my VW Deo?

  • No! Products that have been adjusted with the buyers own essential oils and/or scents is not advised and are not covered by our exchange/replacement policy. Doing so is the sole responsibility of the person who chooses to do something like that.